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[Complete Video Guide] 8 Ball Pool Cheats – The Millionaire Cue hack

Millionaire Cue Club

How to Perform The Millionaire Cue Hack on 8 Ball Pool?

Hello friends! 8 ball Pool Experts are back with another superb guide (trick) on 8 ball pool.  Today, we are going to talk about 8 Ball Pool The Millionaire Cue hack.  We have already posted many 8 Ball Pool hacks and 8 Ball Pool cheats on our website. Our emails/Official Facebook page messages were flooded by 8 ball pool lovers and all of them were requesting for millionaire cue hack. So, we have revealed the step by step guide to the Millionaire Cue Hack.

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There are many bullshit methods shared on the internet that doesn’t work at all or everything is outdated on the internet. So, we have hired some expert coders to code this hack for you guys.  All you need is to follow our guidelines and enjoy!!

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8 Ball Pool The Millionaire Cue Hack:

Requirements for 8 Ball Pool The Millionaire Cue Hack:

After downloading and installing everything that is required. Let’s continue to our next steps.

  1. Open 8 ball Pool on Facebook.
  2. You can Download 8 Ball Pool Apk from here.
  3. Go to Pool Shop
  4. Open Cheat engine
  5. Now, you need to click on the mini cpu icon on the left side of cheat engine.
  6. If you don’t see that then you may see a small box file tab.
  7. Now select “Plugin_Container.exe” (If you’re using firefox)
  8. Or Click on “FlashPlayerPlugin_11.exe” (If You’re Using Google Chrome)
  9. You need to scan “1044”
  10. Now Double click the results (whatever the result is, You need to double-click on that)
  11. Change the value to “119” that stands for “The Millionaire”
  12. Select 1 address below and hold ctrl+A key and Press enter.
  13. After changing everything, you need to go to The Millionaire and click use.
  14. You need to click Play now then go to Practice and finish the game.
  15. We are almost done. You just need to refresh the game and go to the shop.
  16. That’s it. You’re done
  17. Enjoy, The Millionaire 8 Ball Pool Cue Hack.


Millionaire Cue Club

 Proof and Tutorial: 

Final Words:

Well, 8 ball pool is an interesting game to play. This 8 Ball Pool The Millionaire Cue Hack is all yours now. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. You can try this millionaire cue hack on 8 ball pool without any error. If you find this useful then please share it with your friends as well.

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