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I would be gone for six weeks and I would really miss my girlfriend.“That doesn’t mean he is seeing someone else.”Still, when I was with her everything else seemed to slip away from me, and it appeared that she was at least starting to feel the same way as her contented snores soon joined my deep breathing.“And we all should begin to leave too.”You stare into my eyes as you push in and out of me. I watch your breasts rock with each thrust inside me.She sent me so many and I eventually had a pretty large collection.She closed the girl's fingers into a tight ball, raised it to her lips and kissed it softly, then continued in an even lower voice, "Fists are nice, too..."Please tell me, what’s wrong?”My cock was bright red when I pulled out of him.Pam Elliston“I know my little slave loves when her Master plays with her,” he said, putting his face between her breasts, cupping them both.“Alright, I'll see you on Thursday.Coming home the day before and finding my wife scre