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“Fuck yeah you eat me out so good babe.” I pushed his head back into my pussy and moaned at the thought of him cleaning me out.The only thing I had trained for, the only thing I had ever focused on, was the law.When her breasts were totally naked, he could see the nipples pointing.I checked the video on the monitor.“Good morning Mr. Thomas,” said Maggie looking at her assignment sheet as she walked up to the door.Oh I can imagine she replied.He noticed her glancing at the “crooked” (bumped out of place,) camera lens leaning towards him.It happened on a hot and sunny summer Sunday afternoon, when I was unexpectedly cornered in a small bathroom at a middle-aged Hispanic friend's equally-small house, and then sexually molested--and ultimately raped--by her teenage son, Freddy, who was so dark-skinned that he looked more like a black guy, than a Chicano.Anastasia found listening to their lovemaking was very arousing and she would finger her own pussy to silently bring herself t

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I listened for a snappy comeback but there was nothing.I felt the second hand start working its way down, soon joining the first.She said, “You're a great swimmer,” and when the words replayed in her mind, she thought it sounded stupid.Jordan could feel her firm, tanned legs pressing against his upper thighs as the 22 year old lowered herself slowly onto him, holding his shoulders carefully.It’s a one bedroom apartment in a small block.Some things are just so sad in life, but I knew that I would do anything possible to aid this young widow in her struggle to adapt her life without her loved husband.“You're going to make me cum again!“What does it look like?” One of the youths replied.“Josh!”I’m an open book.”She wrapped her robe around her and answered the door.I know, I understand, that still doesn't mean that I have to be friggin happy about it!"“Because I’m starting to have a real hard time hiding my hard-on in these shorts, and we’re pretty much the only p

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