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The male smiled as he had Sam's hand flatten out, then it moved to slap Sam stopping inches from his face.I just see her lips descend as my cock just gets devoured.Her fingers could barely close around it but they did and she whacked him off, too.She squatted down and groaned.You give us any trouble, you're both dead."That was fine.It hardly covered his shaft and most of his pubic hair was visible.My arms were tired and I sat up and slid my legs under me and hers spread apart even wider.“Why is she in such a hurry?Although I had told Olivia that she owed me three masturbation sessions, the last occurrence was sufficient to cover her payment.I groaned as the cheerleader pranced to her desk, her pleated, purple skirt swaying about her thighs.Then I was rubbing her against my pussy.“Your daddy's going to breed me. It'll be so hot!”Again she orgasmed, this time a squeal escaped her lips as she gripped my shoulders.Kitana moaned, her legs trembling with each swat of the crop against h

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