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She's a little whore, just like you two.It took Lance a few moments to figure out how to remove the protective wax coating off the matches but eventually he did, and after a half-dozen (agonizing for Kim to watch) swipes across the box, he got one lit.She is now a breeding sow whose body will be utilized to grow several generations of food That will be prepared for the general population.As she threw her head back, giggling to herself, I glanced down at my lap.I want an emotional, physical relationship with you.As I went down I saw my thin ‘A’ skirt blew up round my waist.There was simply no place even for a needle to fit in either of the three bottom orifices."No Suh!"No please!"Well keep going."A short time later the girls were awoken by a panel sliding open in the back of their cell.Nursing.“Of course you can't wait,” she moaned.Cathy was suddenly aware of someone screaming to her left.I found myself straddled atop Jericho, my body exposed to the hips, my shoulders pressing

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