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“Careful,” he said, “you’ll give me a hard-on.” I reached down and gave his dick a gentle squeeze.I'll be such a good masseuse.“They are... in a way,” he answered.At first I thought that it must have been caught up on something back in the tunnel but a woman found it and passed it to me.Silk lifted her head and turned toward his voice, “I need your cock Master.His cock was growing harder.If you take advantage of her now, neither of you will be happy afterward."I don't want one either.When she finished, she took the washcloth and put it into the corner with the panties she had tossed over there earlier in the night.Fuck you!Do I ride him, or does he take me missionary?Eventually, after a few minutes of passionately making out, the two teenagers’ light petting had evolved into more intense groping, and Natalie gasped into Logan’s mouth as she felt one hand anchor against her, and the other unbutton her uniform shirt, toying with her braless breasts as he did so.The to