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Karen blankly raised her right hand to Lissa to display the dark green vegetable.Then no one showed up after the first hour.He spanked her again, a little harder this time as she kicked.Moving his eyes up he saw Max's now flaccid cock dangling over his balls with a vibrator attached, and a black bulge from the butt plug in his ass.For a moment, he thought that with Elsie’s back and forth maneuvering, he might have accidentally popped out of his pajamas and into her pussy.It feels amazing!”When I come back up I hear, “I’ll keep you warm, handsome.” In a husky voice.“How would we deal with strike breakers?”Her touch was like fire.“And yes baby, I want to FUCK you, but first.“Exactly!I know I was licking my lips in anticipation.She was delirious and blurry-eyed as she massaged her poor battered paps and recalled the events of the day, from the boob battles to the fist fucking, the tug-a-war with Sonja, the incredible tittie press and brutal batting practice.I was suddenl

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