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I also invited someone else but I guess she isn't coming."As I was kneeling on the seat frozen in shock, with my bare breasts fully visible and a long thick rope of my brother's semen going from the front of my bottom lip my, running down and hanging about an inch off my chin.I can’t go to work like this.After what the warden told more me I thought you’d be a lot more, but now I can see you’re just another big mouth con.I was gonna have to admit to myself that I really wasn't as straight as I thought I was.His cum fired into me. Hot blasts of jizz that made me shudder and gasp.“Come closer” I ordered.Goddamn, I was practically stabbing myself.“Julie was already on the pill.Harry got out of the bed and went into the bathroom."Uhhhh…" she groaned, sagging against his chest.**This story is a work of pure fantasy.I didn't mind being ignored for something so graceful and entrancing.We may have miscalculated, but I don’t think we can fit your bed in this load.My braless tits bled